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I'm back, and i'm beautiful

2009-12-13 11:16:19 by 1337Beet

You heard me, paupers.


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2009-12-13 11:29:41

You make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

1337Beet responds:

You make me queasy.


2009-12-13 11:41:31

Hahahahahahaha! Oh wow, thats rich.

1337Beet responds:

I am.


2009-12-16 00:53:51

20 geese, twix geese struck thick,
and if i were, one too quick,
as to perchance the geese to flick
that it may be, only left is me
and boy aint I just a dick.

-A poem in rhyming prose, especially for you

- Leidolfr