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To all of may supporters

2007-12-02 13:25:20 by 1337Beet

Thank you for asking me to return to this site.(joe67,zef) now I want to hear, do you have love for 1337Beet?


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2007-12-02 15:24:54

I find it hard to even slightly like you, let alone love you.

1337Beet responds:

Teehee...You mean it?


2007-12-17 07:20:52

You make me laugh. Well...not you but the people who flame you (obvious troll)


2007-12-27 10:16:32

damn you! post on the BBS in one of your "i'm better than you" ways, just to piss off Cellardoor6

1337Beet responds:

HA! He is no longer a threat to me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


2008-01-23 10:06:50

I am back yall.


2008-01-23 15:24:01

Don't you time you got a life, besides trolling


2008-01-23 18:25:46

You must be the biggest troll on the planet. If of course you cant leave proof of your massive fortune.

1337Beet responds:

What? I tell you guys about it all the time.


2008-01-24 08:56:18

I used to hate you, but now I love you. Why is that?

1337Beet responds:

Because I am clever and financially elite.


2008-01-24 14:45:47

how can one love the troll alter ego of a man?

1337Beet responds:

I am actually not an alt. HOMO.............R